Are you a start-up and you want to go global? 

Aurélie can help you set-up your localisation processes as well as build and project manage a multilingual team in any locale, remotely or on site.

Former Director of Localisation of a leading invoicing app, Aurélie can assess the localisation needs of your app or website, translate your online content with a native touch and tailor it to your target audiences. She localizes in French, France (fr-FR).

With extensive experience in app and web testing as well as in bug reporting, she can also perform linguistic QA tasks for web, iOS and Android apps directly from a device or from an online testing platform.

What is localisation?

Often shortened as L10n, localisation aims at making a website or mobile app culturally relevant to the target market. In the development chain it is often one of the last steps before releasing a new app version or website update. It is however essential to consider it prior to development in order to take into account all design aspects, space issues or other cultural adjustments like date and currency formats. By doing so time and money can be gained.

If you need further advice on the localisation of your app or website, you can contact Aurélie here.